UKAS site laboratories 

JFTS can provide bespoke on-site laboratory testing services for large engineering and construction projects, providing a cost-effect and time-saving solution.

We collaborate closely with our customers to design and develop their site laboratory, tailoring it to meet their specific requirements.

Using our UKAS Flexible Scope Accreditation, we are able to set up a site laboratory and begin testing, analysis and reporting immediately, providing a dedicated team of qualified engineers and technicians to meet all project requirements, offering technical support and high-quality service.

Benefits of using an on-site laboratory:

  • Partnership - technical team on-site for quick analysis and guidance
  • Quick results - fast turnarounds, with results coming directly after sampling
  • Data you can trust – controlled on-site conditions

Previous site laboratories include:

Sites in the UK:

1.  Crossrail project
a.  C610/C644/C650
b.  Bond Street
2.  Mersey gateway
3.  M8, Glasgow

Sites in Ireland:

1.  M6, Galway
2.  M11, Enniscorthy
3.  N25, New Ross

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