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Corrosion surveys

Periodical assessment of steel is essential to confirm the condition of the overall asset and inform maintenance strategies, helping to minimise the costs associated with corrosion.

James Fisher Testing Services provide corrosion surveying to assess the damage of buried and exposed steel assets, delivering reliable and efficient corrosion assessments on steel structures including; buried steel storage tanks, piping, wind turbines, re-enforced concrete structures and transmission tower legs.

Our knowledgeable team of engineers can provide corrosion inspection using analysis techniques which enable corrosion damage, performance defects and safety threats to be identified.

The corrosion assessments carried out can create accurate survey data which can be used to identify maintenance requirements and support the long term performance of assets.

Key benefits:

  • Accurately predict remaining structural life expectancy
  • Informs targeted maintenance planning
  • Informs focused asset replacement
  • Reduces overall maintenance costs
  • Ensures structural integrity and asset safety

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