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Structural investigation

James Fisher Testing Services provides an extensive range of structural surveys and inspections to investigate the condition and serviceability of structures.

With over 25 years of experience delivering structural analysis and condition assessments we can provide surveys, including non-destructive, for buildings, bridges and other structures.

Our safe and reliable testing techniques enable us to evaluate structural performance and provide maintenance and management recommendations.

We are confident providing a variety of testing techniques and have demonstrated our expertise across a variety of projects including:

  • BA 35/90 and post-tensioned bridge survey and inspections
  • Car park assessments 
  • Pressure testing
  • In-situ stress determination
  • Pull-off and pull-out tests
  • Humidity and moisture levels
  • Ultra-sonic surveys
  • Culvert surveys
  • Dust and diamond coring
  • Sampling and concrete strength assessments