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Structural load testing

James Fisher Testing Services provides a variety of non-destructive structural load testing techniques including water weights, steel kentledge, reaction frames or simple hydraulic jacks.

Complete knowledge of a structure and the strength of the materials used in construction is essential to produce an accurate model of the structure and its intended usage.

Structural load testing falls into two main categories - routine verification or change of use. Structures often experience a change in use at some point during their service life, and the only way to determine if the structural load capacity meets required performance is through proof load testing.

Structural load testing methodology

Deflection of elements is undertaken electronically using displacement transducers or draw string potentiometers. These instruments are connected up to a remote data logging system away from loading activities, ensuring the safety of the testing team.

Finite Element (FE) analysis determines the anticipated behaviour under any proposed loading regime, indicates the optimum selection and position of instrumentation and also provides a basis for appraisal of results.

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