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Visualise road sign evaluation

Visualise from JFTS is a high-performance and dynamic system for evaluating the effectiveness of road signs.

Road signs are an important element in ensuring road safety. The visibility of traffic signs and panels for suitable angels and distances, both during the day and at night, is vital for the safety of drivers.

As many traffic signs are made of reflective materials that will deteriorate over time, it is essential to make periodic testing and maintenance for safeguarding purposes.

Visualise has been developed as a comprehensive solution to the traffic signposting inspection process. The system is mounted onto a vehicle which travels on roads at their pre-determined speed.

As the vehicle moves, data is acquired dynamically by taking wide-angled pictures with high-resolution stereoscopic digital cameras. The system software analyses the images and results are displayed in real-time for instant sharing.

Visualise road sign evaluation offers the following advantages:

  • Faster measuring enables increased frequency of checks for longer stretches of road
  • Easy analysis and instant distribution of results
  • Improvements in road safety
  • Faster response to maintenance needs
  • Precise GPS coordinates of sign position
  • Detailed logging of road sign checks