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Falling weight deflectometer

Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) surveys by JFTS provide a rapid and non-destructive assessment of ground surface condition.

FWD testing offers a cost effective and accurate assessment on the structural condition of highways, flexible hard standings and airport runways. The FWD applies a dynamic load to a pavement that simulates the loading from a wheel of a moving vehicle and the surface performance is measured and logged.

We perate one of the few heavy weight deflectometers in the UK, with a Grontmij / Carl Bro PRIMAX2500 HWD trailer mounted system. Capable of applying loads in the range of 7-250kN, our system is well placed to evaluate the structural behaviour of airport runways and taxiways that are subject to extremely heavy loads on a daily basis.

FWD layer stiffness surveys are used for the following purposes:

  • To assess the relative contribution to pavement strength of bound and unbound materials
  • To indicate with sufficient accuracy and weak areas that need replacing or may require further consideration
  • To check the severity of cracks in hydraulically bound mixtures
  • To assess the equivalent surface foundation modulus prior to the design of concrete overlay
  • To determine the effective stiffness modulus of sawcut, cracked and seated concrete pavements

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