Pyrite investigation and testing

JFTS' provides a range of pyrite aggregate investigation and testing, including in-situ testing for commercial and residential properties and sustainability of backfill analysis for quarry operations and aggregate suppliers.

All testing is completed to relevant national and industry standards, including Irish Standard IS 398-1:2003, SR 21 Annex E and the NRA/TII Specification for Roadworks. 

Find out more about pyrite and our fully accredited testing solutions below:

Pyrite is a common mineral with traces often found in sedimentary rock which is used to make crushed stone for backfill. In the presence of water and oxygen the pyrite crystals will expand and swell, causing retaining structures such as floors and walls to do the same.

Unfortunately, pyrite is present in many properties built throughout the 1990’s – 2000’s across the Republic of Ireland, particularly in the areas of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal, Kildare, Meath, Offaly and Dublin. It is recommended that any properties in these areas are tested. If contamination is confirmed, owners may be able to claim compensation to cover the cost of repairs from the Pyrite Resolution Board.

JFTS has the largest scope of accreditation for sampling and testing in Ireland. We strictly follow sampling and sample preservation protocols to retain the sample characteristic properties as this is vital to obtain the correct, representative result.

Damage caused by pyrite is commonly known as ‘pyrite heave’. Typical signs include:

• Gradually spreading star shaped cracks
• Noticeable heaving and bulging
• Visible white crystals mixed with the concrete around the cracks
• Expansive block work
• Doors sticking and catching on floor slabs

If any of the above signs are present in your property, you should consider carrying out pyrite testing to establish any presence on your property.

JFTS test suites 0-2 - geological inspection of aggregate and chemical test, mineralogical analysis by x-ray diffraction and thin section petrographic analysis. All testing includes final categorisation and reporting

If you have property in an area where pyrite contamination is common, you will need to complete a pyrite test when selling your property to prove there is no presence of the mineral on your land / within your property.

If testing concludes that pyrite is present, depending on the nature of your property, there are a number of short and long term solutions that can be explored to minimise the damage caused by the deposits. The effects of pyrite can take up to 40 years to mature, meaning the sooner remedial works are carried out the less damage will be caused.

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