Plate load testing service

James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS) offers a complete plate load testing service.

Our service includes test methodology and planning advice, on-site testing, analysis and reporting. Using PLATEMAN, our approach guarantees a safe, accurate and timely service with fully auditable test results that are completed to UKAS standards. Site-specific testing regimes can also be devised and implemented.

Download the plate load testing service flyer. 

PLATEMAN in action

A high quality, fast and reliable service, PLATEMAN has been designed in-house by our expert research and development team. The automated system uses digital, real time data recording to provide instant presentation of test results. Test data is also uploaded via laptop to a JFTS portal for validation, with test report available within 24 hours.

Unlike traditional methods of plate load testing, PLATEMAN eliminates the need for technicians to manually record readings from under the reaction load – typically a piece of heavy plant machinery. Because the process is automated, test results are not subject to potential inaccuracies arising from human error.

Our service is ideal for key applications including; confirming ground CBR values, assessing load bearing characteristics, lift plans, planning site layout, crane installation and identifying safe routes for plant around site.


  • Highly accurate – Digital logging removes the chance of human error in recording results
  • Safe – Remote testing improves operator and overall site safety 
  • Efficient – Digital, real time data processing reduces test turnaround times
  • Fully compliant – Meets BS1377 or DIN18134 and is calibrated to UK national standards


PLATEMAN is a semi-automated plate load testing system that is used to assess the ultimate bearing capacity of soils and flexible pavement under a given load.

Load is placed on a steel plate at foundation level, with the settlement being measured at increasing load increments. Unlike manual systems, PLATEMAN follows a user-defined load cycle with testing controlled remotely via a PDA. This removes the need for the operator to enter the potentially dangerous test area to take readings while the system is under load.

The system includes a GPS feature that records the exact testing location where needed, whilst Bluetooth force and displacement transducers support automation of the testing process.

Test data is automatically recorded and can be reviewed instantly on the system’s PDA, or downloaded to a PC and similar devices for analysis, creating tailored reports for immediate site verification.

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