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Noise monitoring

JFTS' noise monitoring service enables the effective management and control of excessive noise which could lead to permanent damage to a person's hearing.

The source of noise and the implications that may result from elevated levels needs to be considered in many circumstances. For example, local authorities will not approve planning if background noise from roads, railways or air traffic is above certain levels, and the noise pollution from construction sites can cause a nuisance for local residents.

Placing monitoring instrumentation prior to and during works, will offer assurances should any disputes relating to inconvenience or possible damage that may occur.

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Noise at work regulations

Strict regulations define the requirements to ensure workers hearing is protected from excessive noise in the workplace. Our noise monitoring solutions can help you to ensure that you comply with relevant laws under the regulations, safeguarding employees, ensuring your works are not interrupted through exceeding acceptable noise levels and reducing the chance of complaints against your business. 

Our noise monitoring solutions help to ensure adherence to all UK regulations, including:

Employing noise monitoring equipment such as sound level meters, will measure sound in the same way as the human ear. Our noise monitoring equipment measures the average sound pressure level in decibels over a given period of time, analysing peak levels with a frequency weighting.

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