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Environmental monitoring

JFTS offers a full range of environmental monitoring solutions to monitor noise, dust, wind and vibration on all types of construction and demolition projects.

The requirements for environmental monitoring are increasingly mandated as part of permits and are site / application specific, so our solution is tailored to meet the needs of each individual project. The result is a project-specific and cost-effective solution that enables your site to comply with all relevant legislation and planning conditions.

All construction companies are required to operate their project sites in a safe manner to minimise disruption and inconvenience to local residents, businesses and wider local community. Many of the major causes of complaints on construction sites are related to noise, dust and vibration from on site operations during building works.

Therefore, monitoring and recording the impact of noise, dust and vibration from your project is essential to:

  • Comply with planning conditions 
  • Prevent or help resolve complaints from local residents / businesses 
  • Protect against claims

 Download our environmental monitoring flyer for more information.


We create tailored solutions for your environmental monitoring needs, combining any of our noise, dust, vibration or wind monitoring units to match your project.

We stock a range of monitoring units from different manufacturers, all of which can be modified over standard specifications (e.g. power options, stands and mounting brackets).

Many standard units come with enhancements including rugged cases and internal wiring, ensuring enhanced durability.

We offer a seamless process, giving you confidence that all the required monitoring and reporting is covered whilst allowing you to get on with the job.

We have multiple UK bases, enabling fast dispatch and support. We can either courier units, with operations manuals and technical phone support included, or alternatively, one of our CSCS qualified technicians are able to deliver to your site, where they can install and setup any hardware, alarms and reporting.

All operating manuals are tailored to each unit, containing only concise information relevant to the specific equipment. Operating manuals also include guidance relating to relevant standards.

We can set up any alarms and reports. We remove the need to download, interpret and document equipment readings, all of which is carried out on your behalf.  We analyse all raw data, interpreting it against the required codes and standards, transforming it into a simple, actionable report delivering the results that you need.

We can also offer additional support for more complex compliance and regulatory requirements, using our decades of experience to guide you. 

The benefits of JFTS’ noise, dust and vibration monitoring systems:

  • Full end-to-end service including: delivery, installation, on-site training and same-day response ensuring full support and confidence with your kit
  • Single monitoring unit with multiple features and sensors
  • Comply with planning regulations
  • Custom designed on-site visual alert system
  • Automatic notifications, SMS / email alerts when noise, dust or vibration levels are exceeded, allowing immediate action to be taken on-site
  • Full reporting suite; view live data and produce reports for the whole project across multiple sites using JFTS’ bespoke reporting tool
  • GPS tracking; monitor and record exactly where work takes place on-site

Applications for environmental monitoring systems:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Piling and foundations
  • Excavation works
  • SSI / wildlife sensitive areas 
  • Mining and quarrying

JFTS are developing a bespoke reporting tool to support our customers with analysis and reporting, specific to your project requirements.