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TECO pile integrity tester

The TECO time domain system is used for checking the integrity of concrete piled foundations.

Using solid state memory the equipment is built for security of data and speed of operation. With a rugged yet lightweight casing, backlit LCD screen and waterproof connectors the TECO unit is easy to transport and can be used in inclement weathers.

A user friendly menu system guides the operator and displays data in an easy to follow format. Data is transferred to the windows based TEAP analysis software through a USB interface.

The site unit can measure pile length and provides the operators with a choice of filters to suit the application. This versatile system can be used to test pre-cast concrete, cast-in-place concrete and timber piles of most dimensions.

Download the TECO product data sheet

Benefits of the TECO pile integrity system:

  • Lightweight and rugged design
  • Operates for up to 8 hours on full charge
  • Backlit LCD screen for working in dark environments
  • Storage for over 700 results
  • User friendly software
  • Compliant with ASTM D5882
  • James Fisher Testing Services' complete testing package available

All of our equipment is supplied fully calibrated to UK national standards.

TECO system specifications  
TECO unit
Features Single channel hand held spectrum analyser
Daylight viewable screen
Tactile large keys for operating with gloves
Low power with long battery life
Flash memory for instant start up and power down
On-site length measurement
Rugged lightweight unit with waterproof connectors
Up-gradable to twin channel TDR2 system
Keypad Sealed, colour coded and full alphanumeric keypad, tactile and audio feedback 
Operating temperature  0°C to +50°C
Screen Monochrome LCD transflective with backlight
Contrast keypad adjustable, backlit display with auto-off, 122mm x 70mm with protective screen cover 
Acquisition 1 channel, 16 bit acquisition at 25KHz sample rate
Pre-trigger, auto-ranging gain feature
Frequency range 0Hz to 5000Hz
Storage 700+ results, including 3 data sets per pile with full header information including site, pile no, diameter, operator, transducers and date/time stamp
Numbering Manual or auto numbering
Signal polarity Positive or negative
Display Velocity v time
Integrated output from accelerometer in time domain, auto vertical scale
User defined horizontal scale in depth m
Filtering Slow, medium or fast filters to suit depth measurement
Signal velocity Default 4000m/sec, but can be user defined
Accuracy Time domain: ±0.5%
Velocity: ±5%
Power Battery: 1.2V NiMH rechargeable AA cells
Battery indicator and user defined auto power off
Battery life 8 hours + operation on full charge
Charge time Approx 6 hours
Charging External wall plug-in charger for 100/110/250VAC inputs (trickle charge)
External cigar plug-in charger for 12VDC inputs (fast charge)
Dimensions L 218mm x W 187mm x D55mm
Weight 1.35Kg
Impulse hammer  
Type Non-instrumented with fibre glass handle and hard/soft tips
Weight 0.5Kg
Type ICP type with military type IP65 connector and cable
Range 1-10000Hz
Nominal output 100mV/g

The TEAP2012 software is supplied as standard and provides an easy to use platform for analysing test results and producing reports. The software can tabulate the data and present all response curves either individually or up to 8 test results per page for comparison.

Response curves can be filtered and exponentially amplified to help detect weak responses from depth and signal polarity can be reversed to suit the users' preference.

Piles are tabulated and automatically stored into numerical order. The test results can then be accessed directly from the table.

The user is able to define what variables to include in report tables select different concrete velocities and save commonly used interpretations. Overall site comments can be included with the table and the user's company logo can be stamped on each page.

The print menu enables 4 or 8 plots per page to be presented and depth scales to be normalised.



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