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TDR2-S concrete slab tester

The TDR2-S is a rugged and lightweight system by James Fisher Testing Services used to assess the condition and support of concrete flooring slabs.

The TDR2-S unit uses solid state memory with a user friendly menu system that is easy to navigate for a rapid display of data in an easy to comprehend format. Data is then transferred to the systems TPAP Windows based, analysis software through a USB interface.

Built for security and speed of operation the unit is housed in a tough ABS plastic casing with high quality waterproof connectors, and a handy carry pouch is supplied as standard.

Download the TDR2-S product data sheet

Benefits of the TDR2-S concrete slab integrity tester:

  • Rapid mapping of subsurface voids and areas of delamination
  • On-site analysis of concrete slab stiffness
  • Software for calculating stiffness and mean mobility of slab
  • Operates for up to 8 hours on full charge
  • Storage for over 700 results
  • James Fisher Testing Services' complete test service available

All of our equipment is supplied fully calibrated to UK national standards.

TDR2-S system specifications  
TDR2-Slab unit

Twin channel hand held spectrum analyser
Daylight viewable screen
Tactile large keys for operating with gloves
Low power with long battery life
Flash memory for instant start up and power down
On site length and stiffness measurement
Rugged lightweight unit with waterproof connectors 

Keypad Sealed colour coded and full alphanumeric keypad, tactile and audio feedback 
Operating temperature  0°C to +50°C
Display Monochrome LCD transflective with backlight
Contrast keypad adjustable
Display area 122mm x 70mm
Protective anti-reflective glass
Acquisition 2 channel, 16 bit acquisition at 25KHz sample rate
Pre-trigger on both channels, auto-ranging gain feature
Frequency range 0Hz to 5000Hz
Storage 700+ results, 3 data sets per test with full header information including site, test no, operator, transducers and date/time stamp 
Displays Velocity v time
Force v time
Force v frequency
Mobility v frequency
Accuracy - black tip Frequency: 0-1000Hz ±0.5%
Mobility: 20-800Hz ±15%
Mobility: 800-1000Hz ±50%
Power Battery: 1.2V NiMH rechargeable AA cells
Auto power off and battery indicator
Battery life 8 hours + operation on full charge
Charge time Approx 6 hours
Charging External wall plug-in charger for 100/110/250VAC inputs (trickle charge)
External cigar plug-in charger 12VDC inputs (fast charge)
Dimensions L 21mm x W 187mm x D 55mm
Weight 1.35Kg
Impulse hammer 
Type Constant current load cell
Weight 1.2Kg with fibre glass shaft
Nominal output 0.15 volts/N8 hours
Frequency range 0-1000Hz (black tip)
500-5000Hz (aluminium tip)
Range 0-10000N
Type Vertical SM-6
Natural frequency 4.5Hz
Nominal output 30 volts/m/sec
Operating temperature -30oC to +60oC

The TPAP-slab software provides an easy to navigate platform for analysing results and reporting.

Slab tests are tabulated and automatically sorted into numerical order, from which test results can be directly accessed. All data can be exported in ASCII format for further analysis and contour plotting.

This frequency response method is based on measuring the harmonic response of a slab to a point of impulse of known magnitude. The mobility of the slab at low frequency and the general form of the response is a direct function of slab support and integrity.

The TDR2-S system excites the slab with a known impulse and measures the response with a velocity transducer.

The signals are processed using a fast fourier transform and analysed for dynamic stiffness and mean mobility. The results can then be mapped out to locate voiding or poor support.