Dust monitoring

JFTS provides monitoring for dust particles on site and at boundary points, measuring PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 dust concentrations as required.

Our solutions provide automatic alerts if pre-defined dust limits are exceeded, allowing site operators to take immediate corrective actions.

All our solutions enable conformity to the latest legislation for dust particulate levels, including:

We can provide both fixed and portable solutions and all equipment is fully automated to minimise operational costs. All of our dust monitoring kits are available on flexible rental for long and short term use as well as for purchase

Dust monitoring is ideal for:

  • Fragile structures
  • Underground pipework / services
  • Excavation works
  • Demolition projects
  • Impact pile driving
  • MCERT certified
  • Measures PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 dust concentrations
  • 24/7 monitoring and reporting
  • IP65 weatherproof enclosure
  • Wireless connectivity 4G / wifi
  • Fixed and portable solutions

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