Over-height vehicle detection system

The over-height vehicle detection system (OVDS) offers a simple and reliable solution for monitoring traffic on routes where overhead obstructions pose a collision risk.


The system uses lasers to monitor traffic on approach to obstructions such as tunnel entrances, low overpasses and bridges. If a vehicle is too large to safely pass, the laser beam is interrupted, triggering a remote warning sign placed further along the route and an audible alarm that instructs the driver to alter their course before they reach the obstruction.

OVDS offers a proven and dependable means to safeguard infrastructure and reduce the risk of collisions. The technology has been developed specifically to assess high volumes of traffic and can operate effectively where vehicles are travelling at speed.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of infrastructure damage 
  • Reduced risk to vehicles and drivers 
  • Fully automated operation, logging and reporting of incidents 
  • Invisible, safe laser technology
  • Operational capacity unaffected by weather and ambient light conditions
  • Monitoring data available via a secure online portal

In all applications the OVDS can be designed to the bespoke requirements of the site. Multiple approaches and structures can be monitored simultaneously.

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