Hidden bridge defect detection and monitoring

The detection and management of hidden defects in bridges has become an area of increased focus across the infrastructure sector.

New technologies and techniques make it possible to address defects, significantly increasing safety and the lifespan of the asset.

CIRIA, in conjunction with James Fisher Testing Services and other industry leaders have conducted extensive research into hidden deflects in bridges. The guidance concentrates on developing inspection techniques to improve defect detection and explores the difficulties that come in managing and maintaining these structures, making reference to best practice through numerous case studies.

Our BridgeWatch® system, based on our Smart Asset Management (SAM) software, is one of the most advanced monitoring, analysis and data management systems available. It provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for a wide range of structures, yielding data-rich insights into the condition of your construction asset.


BridgeWatch® – setting the standard in structural health monitoring

BridgeWatch® uses a highly sophisticated range of sensors, data acquisition equipment and James Fisher Testing Services’ SAM software to provide constant, real-time monitoring in an integrated manner.

The hardware system comprises:

  • A modular network of data acquisition units (DAUs)
  • Fully integrated systems including GPS, corrosion and weigh-in-motion
  • Sensors including; strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, tilt and displacement transducers
  • Other data inputs, including inspection records

With the sophisticated SAM data analytics system, users can run multiple analysis routines, produce reports and generate health indices for risk-based maintenance planning. A customisable user interface processes and manages all data generated, within a modular and scalable open framework architecture.

Key benefits:

  • Quality data provides the opportunity to predict component failure
  • Comprehensive reporting facilitates preventative maintenance planning and faster reaction time to maintenance needs
  • Increased safety
  • Reductions in costs, down time and unforeseen failures


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