Bridge strike monitoring

Bridgestrike provides an effective and reliable means to monitor bridges remotely, offering 24/7 surveillance and instant notification when a strike occurs.


Our Bridgestrike monitoring solution has been devised to be cost effective for widespread installation, without compromising on accuracy and performance.

The system can be installed at any point in a bridge’s operational life and applies to a range of different structures of all sizes and configurations, covering both road and rail. Benefits include:

  • Every bridge strike is logged
  • Identify offending vehicles for the recovery of repair costs
  • Avoid unnecessary closures and restrictions
  • Improved public safety

The system ensures that operators are aware of every strike that occurs, meaning that appropriate maintenance can be completed, protecting public safety and demonstrating due diligence on the part of owner / operators. 


Benefit from added protection with over-height vehicle detection

The Over-Height Vehicle Detection System (OVDS) offers a proactive solution for owner / operators that want to actively monitor traffic on routes where overhead obstructions pose a strike risk and warn drivers of specific vehicles that are too large of an impending collision.

The system uses laser sensors to monitor traffic on approach to obstructions such as tunnel entrances, low overpasses and bridges. If a vehicle is too large to pass safely, it is detected, triggering a remote warning sign placed further along the route and an audible alarm that instructs the driver to alter their course before they reach the obstruction.

Download the Bridgestrike monitoring and strike prevention brochure