Bridge crack monitoring

Our investigative team have a wide range of experience installing bespoke bridge crack monitoring systems to monitor structural performance under both dynamic and static loading.

The bridge crack monitoring system will optimise your maintenance management through monitoring the changes in crack behaviour and helping to determine the cause and subsequent actions required.

Benefits of the JFTS bridge crack monitoring system:

  • Compatible with Smart Asset Management (SAM)
  • Reduces the need for on-site, manual inspection
  • Provides insight for maintenance planning with real time data
  • Cost effective

Crack identification is one of the most important aspects of structural health monitoring. Cracks will occur in most structures and are often the first signs of more serious defects.

Visual inspections are time consuming, costly and in many instances the measurements are inaccurate and unreliable. Employing a system that can continuously monitor displacement and crack behaviour ensures that any potential issues are detected at an early stage before it becomes critical and leads to a costly compromise in structural safety and closures.

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