Bridge monitoring

James Fisher Testing Services is an industry leader in the structural monitoring of bridges across the entire asset lifespan.

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We specialise in providing customised predictive technologies which enable proactive maintenance strategies and optimise asset management.

Our bespoke solutions can be applied at any stage of an asset's operational life span for short or long term monitoring and encompass a wide variety of technologies to provide comprehensive insight of a structure’s condition.

Solutions include: 

Our team can complete a full bridge appraisal to gauge overall condition, highlight potential points of interest for remedial works and identify the most appropriate monitoring solution for the structure.


Bridgewatch – advanced structural monitoring

BridgeWatch® brings together a highly sophisticated range of sensors, data acquisition equipment and JFTS’ Smart Asset Management System (SAMS)™ software, to provide constant, and real-time data monitoring in an integrated manner.

Completely adaptable to your structural monitoring needs, this innovative system delivers remote monitoring information and warnings of impending structural issues and hidden defects to enable operators to protect public safety, manage traffic and schedule timely visual inspections.

Download the Bridge Monitoring Brochure (969KB)