JFTS upgrading SIMBAT dynamic load testing capabilities

 James Fisher Testing Services’ (JFTS) SIMBAT dynamic testing capabilities will be given a boost with the deployment of a new purpose-made 400Kg drop weight system.

The rig will be able to deliver a dynamic load of up to 600kN in suitable ground conditions. The system will be deployed from a van and comprise of a tracked unit with a self-contained system for lifting and dropping the weights under free-fall conditions. The tracked unit will be able to operate through doorways enabling tests to be carried out on restrictive access sites.

This system will reduce the degree of manual handling required by test operatives and increases the capacity of piles that can be dynamically tested from a van deployed team, complementing our existing trailer-mounted 1-tonne drop weight system.

The SIMBAT method is a multi-blow type dynamic load test, which included a remote displacement theodolite, which provides a higher degree of accuracy than traditional dynamic load test methods. The methodology behind SIMBAT is now included in the international Standard ISO-22477-4 as a specific annex. 


  • Transported in the back of a van
  • The additional rig will reduce response times and improve national coverage
  • Speed up testing on-site as the rig has a self-contained drop system
  • Only requires one operator on site
  • Increased safety as no manual handling required
  • Up to 20 tests per day


  • Up to 1.5m drop height
  • 400kg drop weight
  • Test range, 140mm – 350mm diameter piles, 100kN – 600kN test loads


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