James Fisher Testing Services to deliver advanced structural health monitoring upgrades for large bridge project in France


Structural health monitoring specialist, James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS), is to provide a comprehensive structural health monitoring (SHM) system for the Chambre de Commerce et D’industrie Territoriale Seine Estuaire (CCITSE) - the operator of three major bridges in Normandy, France, to optimise asset performance and improve safety.

The project will see JFTS install its pioneering BridgeWatch® solution, which enables automated, intelligent structural health insights. The system uses real time data acquisition and advanced processing to improve safety, manage traffic flow and minimise bridge closures due to unscheduled maintenance.

Problems associated with an existing system that had been installed by another SHM provider highlighted the need for a solution that could analyse large volumes of raw data and provide detailed analysis on structural condition. As a result, JFTS’ BridgeWatch® system was singled out as the desired solution after a competitive tender process.

The work covers two iconic cable stayed bridges; the Pont de Normandie and the Pont de Tancarville together with a rigid steel framed bridge over the Grand Canal Viaduct, Pont sur le Grand Canal du Havre.

Data from each bridge will be managed in the JFTS BridgeWatch® cloud-based solution, and provide automated and intelligent structural health information. The project will upgrade and in some cases replace existing instrumentation and data acquisition hardware.

Alex Campbell, managing director at JFTS explained:

“We’re delighted that CCITSE has recognised the value of our expertise in instrumentation and advanced structural monitoring solutions. The key benefits are the integration of data from multiple sources into a single system and then the way it can process data on a scale unlike any other. This will provide the basis for CCITSE to make informed decisions regarding asset management strategies.”

BridgeWatch® will integrate all data outputs and provide real-time data processing, together with automated and event-driven reports and alerts on bridge performance. The resulting insights will be used by CCITSE for day-to-day maintenance management. Data will also be analysed by engineering consultancy COWI, to offer highly accurate insights into the condition of the three bridges and deliver long-term strategies to optimise structural performance.

BridgeWatch® operates on JFTS’ Smart Asset Management System (SAMS)™ technology stack. Together, the BridgeWatch® hardware and web-based SAMS™ platform provide a scalable toolkit for reliable collection, processing and presentation of structural monitoring data that will allow bridge managers at CCITSE to monitor, evaluate and manage cost-effective maintenance programmes, and over time build predictive models of structural performance.

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