Corrosion assessment and monitoring equipment sale to Saudi Arabia.

Testconsult has recently supplied a number of Below Ground Corrosion Meter (BGCMAP) corrosion assessment systems to Saudi Electric National Grid asset maintenance division, to enable the assessment of corrosion activity of transmission line towers below ground.

The BGCMAP, developed by Testconsult for use in the transmission line industry, uses linear polarisation techniques to measure the rate of corrosion of steel components below ground. It is now used by a number of asset management companies in the industry worldwide to check if the condition for corrosion exists and help devise relevant and economic investigation programmes, to prolong the life of assets.

The BGCMAP is routinely used alongside the TDR2 low strain foundation assessment system that can check the depth of concrete, the formation of enlarged bases and cold joints.

Huw Williams, foundations testing product manager at Testconsult recently visited the Eastern Region asset management division near Al Hasa to provide technical support and training to newly equipped teams.

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