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CPD online sessions

Are you missing the contact with your teams...

...and the collective learning that it brings?


James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS) is delivering remote continuing professional development (CPD) sessions
online, to enable you to continue training your teams in each of the topics below at a time to suit you.
With over 50 years’ experience in construction and infrastructure management, JFTS combines the structural
monitoring capabilities of Strainstall with Testconsult’s former experience in foundation and materials testing.


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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for civil structures

An overview of the NDT methods applicable to bridges and other types of infrastructure.  Hear explanations of the techniques available for condition investigations, ranging from the simple to most advanced, and learn when to use them.


Structural monitoring for bridges

The main structural monitoring use cases and their application to the bridge management process are illustrated using real-life examples. This session considers both the measurement equipment and how to use the collected data and turn it into actionable information.


In-situ stress measurement

Bridge assessments and load tests generally focus on the effects of live loads, yet often the dead loads are more significant. Poor dead load and pre-stressing force estimates result in substandard assessed capacity. Learn about the various methods for measurement of ‘in situ’, ‘residual’ or ‘dead load’ stresses in bridge elements. Used for determination of dead loads and pre-stress and especially useful in the assessment of post-tensioned bridges.


Integrated services

Collective use of investigation, testing and monitoring for structural condition investigation. Learn how multiple techniques coordinated together through JFTS can provide a more complete picture of performance and deterioration. Examples include bridge bearings, post-tensioning, parapets and others.


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