US scaffold compliance testing.

Testconsult were recently contacted by an American scaffold manufacturer to undertake a large quantity of scaffold testing to introduce their product to the UK and European market. Testing was carried out on the full array of their systems and had to comply with British and European standards. One of the highlighted aims of the testing was to ensure that the scaffolding systems performed to the same, if not a higher, standard as their close rivals.

Components were individually tested by static load testing, testing of bending moments and vibration testing. Full system connectivity and rigidity testing was also undertaken. The final test to be completed was a falling weight drop test where a calibrated 100kg weight was dropped from a measured height onto the scaffolding at various points to simulate an object falling onto the scaffolding.

To monitor the testing procedures an instrumentation and monitoring system was used, incorporating LVDTs to monitor displacement, whilst a pressure sensor monitored any load applied. All readings were taken in real time. A bespoke software package was written by Testconsult to monitor and create graphical readouts for all tests carried out by Testconsult engineers and technicians.

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