Testconsult perform 1200Te static load test in Azerbaijan.

As part of a large scale pile load test for a new bank in Baku, Azerbaijan, Testconsult were asked to provide a monitoring system capable of measuring the strain at various pile depths whilst under load. The piles in question were approximately 25m in length and 1.2m in diameter, with the load applied in stages up to 1200Te.

Testconsult created a custom plug and play system capable of the task at hand. Comprising a bank of data loggers neatly fitted into tough wearing, rugged enclosures for site use, the system was shipped out to our Turkish agents, Del-Mak, who were performing the test and had previously installed vibrating wire strain gauges to the piles during construction.
Data was taken from the loggers and recorded directly to an onsite laptop PC. On completion of the pile tests, data was sent back to Testconsult for analysis and reporting. The bespoke monitoring system accurately picked up the changes in strain at various pile depths with each load increment.
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