Sonic logging at Bodrum Airport, Turkey.

Turkish piling contractor, EGE Zemin took delivery of a new SCXT3000 sonic logging system for quality control of bored cast in place piles they are installing for the new international airport extension, at Bodrum Airport in Turkey. 

Piles have been pre-selected for testing and prepared by installing steel tubes over the full depth of piles, in excess of 20m. Sonic logging enables the concrete quality to be assessed over the full depth of pile, even when pile cut-off level is not accessible.

EGE Zemin project engineer, Tolga Tan commented “I am extremely impressed with the quality of the SCXT2000 equipment and the ease of use of the software”. Equipment and on-site training has been provided by Testconsult in co-operation with our Turkish agent, Del-Mak, based in Ankara.

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