James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS) has supported a jetty targeted underwater condition survey at an LNG terminal on the UK’s south coast.


The work was completed in partnership with sister company James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS), and provided a full above and below water solution for the site. The scope of the project included; pile visual inspection (inclusive of cleaning), targeted UT measurements, anode surveys and a full suite of concrete testing together with dive personal and vessel support.

The work was undertaken for a major oil and gas client and was completed between October 2017 and January 2018.

Integrated terminal solutions from JFTS

As part of the wider scope of the project, a team from JFTS was on site to complete a suite of materials testing in order to ascertain the condition of the concrete sections of the berth. A full scope methodology was devised with the client, taking into account the unique demands of the site.

For this element of the project, JFTS used testing methods including:

  • Delamination surveys
  • Cover depth surveys
  • Half-cell Electro-potential surveys
  • Resistivity testing
  • Concrete dust sampling for chloride ion content
  • Concrete core sampling for petrographic analysis
  • Carbonation depth testing

This work supported that of JFMS , who completed all below water inspections at the site and also provided dive intervention daughter craft ‘Calmer’ which was moored alongside the jetty to provide diver support services.

By partnering with JFMS we are able to offer a comprehensive inspection, repair and maintenance package, while providing a single point of contact for the entire scope of the project.

Project outcomes

The survey was an important project for the terminal operator, with high value investment expected at the site over coming years. This combined with the tight operational windows dictated by the terminal’s busy offloading schedule made for a challenging project.

Despite a complicated work schedule, the James Fisher team was able to successfully work around terminal operations to complete the work. This highlights the benefit of our integrated solutions approach, whereby the customer can rely upon one service provider to project manage and complete the entire survey.

The survey confirmed the condition of the site and that it was safe to remain in full operation. At the same time, the work highlighted components and areas of the jetty that will require remedial works in the near future, informing a data-driven preventative maintenance strategy that will minimise maintenance costs and help to maximise the operational life span of the structure.

Turnkey port facilities maintenance from JFTS

JFTS can fulfil all port facilities maintenance requirements by using in house expertise and by drawing on the wider capabilities of the James Fisher group.

Multiple accreditations mean that the quality of work is guaranteed. Our teams are experienced in working in challenging conditions above and below the waterline, and can ensure an appropriate, efficient service.

In addition to a wide range of materials testing solutions, we also offer a range of structural monitoring and asset management solutions for ports, including; condition monitoring of cranes, sea wall crack monitoring, pile inclinometer monitoring and comprehensive site investigation.