Buxton's historical pump house load tested by Testconsult.

St. Anne's well pump house was built in 1884 opposite the famous historical Crescent in Buxton town centre and visitors could 'take the waters' there until as recently as 1981. The building is now being refurbished as part of the National Lottery funded Buxton Crescent project.

Vinci Construction UK Limited has been awarded a preliminary enabling contract from Buxton Crescent Hotel and Thermal Spa Company Limited which includes testing the pump house roof structure of which little is known. Controlled loading of the roof was undertaken by Testconsult's specialist testing teams by filling a water dam with approximately 16,000 litres of water at a known rate of filling. Deflection of main structural components were monitored within the building using one of our instrumentation and monitoring systems, connected to electronic displacement transducers, sampling every 5 seconds throughout the test period.

Fully instrumented load testing such as this is now being used increasingly by structural engineers for  trial loading of structures as non-elastic displacement (plastic failure) can be observed and the test aborted before catastrophic failure occurs.