James Fisher Testing Services provide monitoring solutions on two masonry arch bridges, helping to identify hidden defects, inform maintenance planning and ensure public safety.

Our bridge instrumentation and monitoring solutions demonstrate due diligence for owner / operators and can extend the life span of the asset while saving on long term maintenance costs. Find out more in the case studies below or contact us for further information. 


Isle of Man

Hidden defect: Arch barrel

Problem: Deformations of the arch barrel.

Solution: James Fisher Testing Services implemented a camera-based system to monitor the deformation of the arch barrel under load. The resulting information gave an indication of load paths and locations of high strain, pinpointing areas where cracks could develop.

Arch barrel 395x200.png

Bell Busk Viaduct

Hidden defect: Spandrels

Problem: Longitudinal cracks had appeared beneath the spandrel and arch barrel interface.

Solution: James Fisher Testing Services undertook long term monitoring for deterioration and short term testing using special 3D displacement sensor arrays. These tests were used to identify whether new freight wagon arrangements were causing more distress to the structure due to a more concentrated load application.

Spandrels 395x200.png