Foundation checks on Hungarian power lines.

Testconsult has just completed trials in Hungary to demonstrate the effectiveness of our TDR2 and BGCMAP systems for assessing the dimensions and condition of transmission line foundations. In conjunction with local consultant Energin and power line company Mavir, trials were carried out over a section of line south west of Budapest.

Both of these systems are now becoming used by line inspection and maintenance companies worldwide to assess the depth and dimensions of foundations, to check for defects and to monitor the corrosion activity present at the foundation. The equipment is lightweight and portable, can all be carried by one field engineer, with testing taking less than 20 minutes at each tower.

The BGCMAP system provides a rapid means of determining high risk tower foundations by using LPR methods to check rate of corrosion and can be used to establish an on-going inspection regime. With its inbuilt GPS, test data can be accurately related to field location. The TDR2 system is used to confirm the foundation depth and the presence (or not) of enlarged bases.