Testconsult complete dynamic pile testing in the Caribbean, using cost-effective SIMBAT method.

Testconsult engineers have conducted dynamic pile testing in the Caribbean, in conjunction with Portuguese geotechnical contractor Geocontrole and Brazilian construction company Construtora OAS.

Testconsult were on site to commence a series of dynamic load tests on piles which will form the foundations of one of the many underpasses along the highway. Using a drop weight in excess of 5 tonne enables dynamic reactions of 9000KN to be achieved on 1200mm diameter piles. To reduce costs, the drop mass and guide were manufactured locally and designed to be easily transportable.

Testing was carried out using the Testconsult SIMBAT method which offers test results comparable with static load tests at a fraction of the cost and time taken.

The project is an extension of the 47km Sir Solomon Hochoy highway from San Fernando to Point Fortin in Trinidad and Tobago. Estimated to be worth TTD$7.2bn, the project includes the construction of eight major interchanges, twelve crossroads, utility corridors, safety enhancements including clearer sight lines, smoother turns, reduced gradients and separation of the carriageways in each direction.

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