Dynamic load testing in Gabon, West Africa.

Testconsult's foundation testing department were invited by a consortium of Gabonese and French companies to test driven piles in the capital city of Gabon, Libreville.

The consortium made up of a pile manufacturer, a geotechnical laboratory and several piling contractors are working together on eight projects around the capital. The piling manufacturer Sarl Coulon Pieux Battus has worked with Testconsult on previous projects in West Africa and the Carribean and recognise the SIMBAT dynamic pile test method as the most efficient and accurate method of conducting pile load testing.


Piles were dynamically tested on all eight projects over a four day period. A locally manufactured 2 tonne drop weight system with a quick release mechanism was used and operated by a truck mounted HIAB, enabling dynamic reactions of up to 2000KN to be achieved. In some cases where piles were fully mobilised, ultimate pile capacity was also predicted.

The efficiency of the system is illustrated by the fact that only 2 conventional static load tests could have been assessed in the same time frame and would have been considerably more costly.

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