Channel tunnel investigation undertaken by JFTS


James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS) was contracted by Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions to understand the behaviour of diesel exhaust fumes in turbulent airflow within the Channel Tunnel in London.


The generators were mounted on a specially modified carriage used to install high voltage HV cables.

The test results were used to develop health and safety procedures to mitigate worker exposure to exhaust emissions including NOx and particulates. 


JFTS installed four anemometers to measure wind speed on the custom-built track vehicle, while other contractors measured emission levels.

The generators were run at different loads to determine how emission levels in the tunnel varied. In addition, measurements were taken with the ventilation fans turned off.

The system was fully automated and GPS time synchronised to ensure consistency of data, also making the process quicker and easier.

The project brief was unique, but the JFTS engineers used their extensive experience and technical expertise to deliver a tailored solution that seamlessly integrated with the work of the other contractors.


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JFTS_channeltunnel_image1.png        JFTS_channeltunnel_image2.png        JFTS_channeltunnel_image3.png


From left to right: the anemometer logger, the fans and the bespoke track mounted vehicle.