Smart Asset Management System (SAMS)™

SAMS™ is a sophisticated software package that incorporates sensors, data acquisition equipment and data processing algorithms to provide a comprehensive structural health monitoring solution.

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Designed with a focus on speed to action management, SAMS™ facilitates real-time data delivery and allows up to the minute condition monitoring of a structure’s integrity. Through automated analysis, potential problems can be identified and pre-emptive maintenance undertaken to reduce costs, minimise down time and extend the operational lifespan of an asset.

The main displays are exclusively configured for every project in order to meet your assets individual requirements. Created with a flexible interface you can view your data in a variety of formats including moving graphics, 3D models, integrated maps, graphs, reports and alerts.

SAMS™ has been designed to be compatible with legacy systems and can be integrated with existing monitoring hardware.

Key benefits of SAMS include:

  • Accurate, rich data helps to predict component failure
  • Facilitates preventative maintenance planning
  • Optimisation of repair and maintenance strategies
  • Decreases the risk of asset down time 
  • Improves asset safety
  • Reduces overall maintenance costs

SAM™ is a versatile system and can be applied to a wide range of structures. Common applications include:

Watch SAMS in action with BridgeWatch - a bespoke instrumentation package for monitoring all types of bridge structures.