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Pyrite testing

JFTS' engineers are leading experts in sampling, testing and management of situations where pyrite damage is suspected.

Pyrite is a common mineral with traces often found in sedimentary rock which is used to make crushed stone for backfill. In the presence of water and oxygen the pyrite crystals will expand and swell, causing retaining structures such as floors and walls to do the same.

What are the signs of pyrite induced damage?

  • Gradually spreading star shaped cracks
  • Noticeable heaving and bulging
  • Visible white crystals mixed with the concrete around the cracks
  • Expansive block work
  • Doors sticking and catching on floor slabs

Pyrite testing methodology

We will only ever conduct pyrite testing which is relevant to the type of investigation in hand. Our testing approach is unique in that we will only conducted fully accredited tests and only when they are required.

We always take sufficient samples to enable all tests to be carried out in strict accordance with test specifications, keeping your costs to a minimum.