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Concrete material testing

James Fisher Testing Services provides a comprehensive scope of testing to assess the quality of fresh and hardened concrete, both on-site and in our UKAS accredited laboratories.

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world, and as such it is important to establish it has sufficient strength for the intended purpose.

Concrete testing by an experienced third-party such as JFTS is necessary to ensure strict compliance to industry regulations and quality standards.

We can deliver concrete testing for every stage of your project. From on-site slump testing as you pour your concrete mix to testing hardened samples for indicative characteristics in our UKAS accredited laboratories.

Our concrete testing includes:

  • ASR identification
  • Depth of carbonation
  • Chemical analysis of hardened concrete - chloride, sulphate, cement content
  • Compressive strength of cores
  • Compressive strength of cubes
  • Density
  • Dynamic modulus of elasticity
  • Flexural strength
  • HAC identification
  • Initial surface absorption
  • Static modulus of elasticity
  • Tensile splitting strength
  • Water absorption