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Vibration monitoring

JFTS has the equipment and the experience to provide suitable vibration monitoring solutions for improving the safety of your operations.

Vibration can occur in different forms. Transients are the short shock style vibrations that you would expect from a pile impact, where steady state is what you might experience from a compressor in a factory.

We are equipped with a range of vibration monitors, suitable for both long and short term monitoring applications, to capture and analyse complex vibration data.

Vibrations rarely cause damage to structures, but people are sensitive to even very low vibration levels. European legislation requires that all employers using sensitive instruments and industrial equipment conduct vibration monitoring for vibration risk analysis. If vibration levels are above predefined limits, preventative maintenance must be implemented.

Vibration monitoring methodology

Using a combination of specialist data acquisition units and software tailored to suit each application, we can provide recommendations on how your project can ensure compliance with industry regulations.

JFTS can rapidly install portable, self-powered units on-site, to monitor in a variety of modes including a continuous print-out of vibration levels in terms of peak particle velocity, and a stand-by mode which triggers once pre-set levels are exceeded. We can also provide monitoring which enables both continuous and stand-by modes to operate simultaneously.