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Bridge monitoring brochure PDF (1).png (539KB)
Foundation and pile testing brochure PDF (1).png (668KB)
Transmission tower foundation assessment brochure  PDF (1).png (563KB)
Plate load testing service PDF (1).png (258KB)
Product data sheets Download
ASLT auto static load test system  PDF (1).png (194KB)
AXILOG II vibration monitoring system PDF (1).png (118KB)
BGCMAP rate of corrosion tester PDF (1).png (200KB)
PARAS parallel seismic tester PDF (1).png (195KB)
PLATEMAN plate load tester PDF (1).png (137KB)
SB2010 large scale shear box PDF (1).png (210KB)
SCXT3000 cross hole sonic logging system PDF (1).png (183KB)
SIMBAT dynamic pile test system PDF (1).png (184KB)
SLT2 static load test system PDF (1).png (172KB)
SPTMAN hammer energy tester PDF (1).png (201KB)
TDR2 pile integrity tester PDF (1).png (207KB)
TDR2-S concrete slab tester PDF (1).png (211KB)
TECO pile integrity tester PDF (1).png (307KB)
TECO-LITE pile integrity tester PDF (1).png (202KB)