Working with London underground

London Underground approached JFTS following repeated incidents of bridge strikes on the network in one year alone.


Furthermore, it was suspected that not all incidents were reported and the number of strikes may in fact have been higher, seriously risking the structural integrity of the bridge in question.

JFTS installed a Bridgestrike monitoring system on a railway overbridge, which carries two rail lines over a busy main road. With a restricted height of 14’-3” and despite signage positioned to warn drivers prior to the approach, the bridge is continually compromised by vehicle collisions.

Since the installation in 2016, the system has recorded more than 30 bridge strikes in its first 18 months, resulting in the prosecution of the drivers involved.

"I have found the Bridgestrike system to be an effective and fantastic tool for immediately notifying me of a bridge strike. It has allowed me to act as soon as a strike takes place, meaning structural integrity be assessed and any repair works undertaken without delay. Since its installation in 2016, the system recorded more than 30 bridge strikes, with the system allowing us to identify offending vehicles and pursue drivers for the cost of any damage."

- London Underground

Download the Bridgestrike monitoring and strike prevention brochure