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Hidden defects in bridges - mini case studies

A range of case studies detailing best practice of hidden bridge defect detection and monitoring in accordance with CIRIA guidelines.

Dynamic load testing in Gabon, West Africa

Testconsult's foundation testing department test driven piles in Gabon, West Africa.

Ski jump foundation assessment in Eastern Turkey

Testconsult advise on suitable foundation testing techniques for an Olympic size ski jump facility in Eastern Turkey.

SIMBAT dynamic pile testing in St. Kitts

Testconsult and Complete Marine Services partner in St. Kitts to conduct SIMBAT dynamic pile load tests on an apartment complex.

Pile integrity and load testing in Trinidad and Tobago

Testconsult conduct dynamic load tests on key highway project using the SIMBAT and SCXT sonic logging system.

Specialist testing for the Thames Tideway Tunnel

Testconsult undertakes pull out and core testing on the Thames Tideway Tunnel embankment.

Thelwall viaduct monitored by Testconsult

Testconsult has been commissioned to install a monitoring system on the Thelwall Viaduct.

Delivering testing equipment and training in Serbia

Testconsult supply pile testing equipment and training to one of Serbia's largest construction companies.

Structural investigation of Epsom College

Testconsult commissioned to undertake structural investigation and materials testing at Epsom College.

Pavement assessment for wind farm development in Scotland

Testconsult perform pavement testing surveys in Dumfries and Galloway ahead of proposed wind farm developments.