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Hidden bridge defects | sub-structure solutions

Bridge strike monitoring for London Underground

James Fisher Testing Services has implemented the BridgeStrike monitoring system for London Underground, detecting over 30 strikes at one site in under two years.

Hidden bridge defects | Moveable bridge solutions

Learn about our approach to detecting and managing hidden defects in moveable bridges.

Hidden bridge defects | Bearing and expansion joint solutions

James Fisher Testing Services has developed monitoring solutions for confirming the condition of hidden joints and bearings in bridges.

Hidden defects | masonry arch bridge solutions

James Fisher Testing Services offer instrumentation and monitoring solutions for masonry arch bridges, helping to inform maintenance planning, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety.

Hidden defects | Concrete bridge solutions

See how JFTS helps bridge owners and operators manage hidden defects in concrete bridges with our range of case studies on structural health instrumentation and monitoring.

Hidden defects | Metallic bridge applications 2

See our case studies illustrating the application of specialist instrumentation to manage hidden defects in metallic bridges. Advanced structural health monitoring from James Fisher Testing Services.

Hidden defects | Metallic bridge applications 1

A collection of mini case studies looking at solutions for managing hidden bridge defects in metallic bridges

Integrated offshore wind farm services

James Fisher Testing Services joins forces with other group companies to deliver an integrated solution to support the installation of four monitoring devices on an offshore wind farm.

JFTS completes crowd barrier testing for Premier League football club

JFTS has completed a programme of crowd barrier testing for a top flight Premier League football club, helping to ensure the club’s venue meets regulatory safety standards.